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We assemble everything from portable trailers with 2 rifles and 10 animations, to depot-sized galleries that can accommodate up to 30 rifles and 150+ animations.  Each shooting gallery is 100% customizable, with options starting at themes, which props/animations you’d like to include, optimal use of space specific to your locale, and even how much you’d like to charge your clients per game.  Really, your imagination is the limit.  We build it, they shoot it, you profit.
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  We’re the world’s oldest and premier electronic shooting gallery manufacturers, offering state-of-the-art galleries equipped with the latest technology. Our company has built electronic shooting galleries in over 30 countries around the globe.  Every electronic shooting gallery is a custom design, tailored to your needs and wants.  You can choose from different themed attractions. Some popular choices include western, Halloween, outer space, pirates, zombie apocalypse, mad scientist lab, and hunting school. Instead of these more popular, yet violent themes, zoos, museums, and similar institutions might prefer our G-rated options.  These include themes that exclude persons and animals, such as a game in which players shoot at bull’s-eyes and when hit, a sign displaying “interesting facts” lights up .  Or forget about the guns and bring your displays to life with our animation controllers and sound boards. Each set comes alive with interactive animations and customizable sounds. You choose which ones to include, or think up new ones for us to create! Some examples include:

  • Dancing animals.
  • Fires turning on and off.
  • Animations squirting water back at shooters.
  • Objects spinning, flying, or being knocked over.
  • Talking skeletons/zombies (have them say whatever you want).
  • Each hit creates its own unique sound which you can change at any time!

Our electronic shooting galleries include concept creation, electronics, animations, set-building (optional) and a one-year guarantee.  If you already have an electronic shooting gallery or set-up, we can also sell you the electronics separately.

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Check out  Calamity Town, affordable and attractive at great price.


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