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Since 1979, our shooting galleries designed by Ehlers Star Galleries Inc’s talented artists and engineers are inspired by author Mark Twain. Former President (now retired) Stephen P. Ehlers leads the interpretation of the Mark Twain stories into the production of the humorously action packed animated shooting galleries. Where you also can imagine being in Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn’s Circus, on the Riverboat, pretend to be Pirates, become Robin Hood on the log or enjoy your fantasies in 1860s wild west. Since 1979 our gallery installations have entertained children of all ages in Mexico, Europe, The Far East, Australia, The Middle East and 17 of the United States.

A recent installation at Temecula Lanes, is a Western 1860’s saloon and other Western galleries are located at Six Flags TX, Six Flags Magic Mountain CA, and Port Aventura Spain. Visit this site for more. Additional themes are a circus gallery located at Tilt Omaha NE. Our Pirate galleries include a 30- foot-tall pirate ship and pirate galleries located in Springfield, Oregon, and Atlantic City Boardwalk, NJ. A must see is the Riverboat gallery at Jackson Landing Fl. and if you enjoy flying, check out the Riverboat and dock gallery at Magic World Bangkok. Since the beginning we have entertained people of all ages, our systems proof to be reliable, there are still a few galleries running that where build back in the 80’s, and now we have our 3rd generation of electronics and the best ones yet, easy to install and maintain, we are the only shooting gallery company that has a fun and accurate scoring system, where families can actually have fun between each other, our rifles have a unique recoil system, where you actually feel when you are shooting, with not only the sound, but the feel! We custom build anything your imagination can desires, if you can dream it, we can build it. Our company has been building custom shooting galleries for over 30 years, developing the latest shooting gallery technology to keep your system running at real-life speed.We work with you to provide a gallery unique to your business that will consistently bring in new clients and increase your profits.

We are the world’s longest-running electronic shooting gallery manufacturers, offering creative shooting galleries to businesses looking to expand their clientele base.  Our client list ranges from small family-owned businesses to Six Flag’s to the Hong Kong Pier. We have engineered and perfected the industry’s most reliable shooting gallery technology, as well as own the rights to unique designs, animations, and scoring system that will earn you new clients and keep loyal ones coming back even more. Animations are built per your specifications and include various interactive effects.  Targets and props can be anything from zombies to glass bottles, and squirt water at or near guests, fly around, and make customizable speech (useful information, encouragement, grunts, etc.).  Not only that, but our rifles come with an exclusive recoil system that simulates the real thing.  We custom build each project and offer many themes (basically, anything you can think of), as well as different-sized galleries ranging from portable to Godzilla-worthy. And if the company is on a budget, we can create a proposal that suits your needs.

Former President Stephen P. Ehlers, retired in 2012, has been an inspiration for this company, now, the company has come to this new era, with new designs, new animations, and we developed the latest technology in electronics, since then we have moved our operations to the beautiful city of Morelia in Mexico, where we are still developing breathtaking games that would keep your business running for years to come. We look forward to doing business with you.  If you have any questions or comments, please let us know, we would be glad to assist you.

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The Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch is proud to recommend Mr. Daniel Zepeda and his company.  The quality of his work and his knowledge of good equipment and electronics are amazing as well as his interest in seeing your long term success.

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Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch

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