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Trailer Mount Shooting Galleries

As the world’s oldest electronic shooting gallery manufacturers still in business, we have become experts at building fantastic portable shooting galleries.  Customizable with any of our themes, portable units are built within a trailer or other wheeled vehicle.  These shooting galleries can be unplugged, secured, and hauled off (taking anywhere from 10 min to 1 hour) to different events, shows, fairs, or other temporary locations!

Custom designed by us, (shootinggalleries.com), can be easily rearranged for different events and seasons . Our electronics designed can be programmed in minutes to fit each prop or event. Enclosed trailer weighing a simple 7,000 lbs and can be pulled by 1/2 ton vehicle truck or van . Setup takes approximately 5 minutes and can be run on small 1000 watt generator or one simple 120v house plug. Also included is 3 spare controllers , targets , 2 guns and a 4500/5500 watt Honda generator

Each set comes alive with interactive animations and customizable sounds.  You choose which ones to include, or think up new ones for us to create!  Some examples include:

  • Zombie HuntThunder Storms, where the whole trailer lights turn off and on.
  • Fires turning on and off.
  • Animations squirting water back at shooters.
  • Objects spinning, flying, or being knocked over.
  • Talking skeletons/zombies (have them say whatever you want).
  • Each hit creates its own unique sound which you can change at any time!

Our company has built electronic shooting galleries in over 20 countries around the world.  Each electronic shooting gallery is a custom design, with animations, set architecture, and use of space tailored to your specific needs.  Every project includes concept creation, electronics, interactive animations, laser-guided targets, set-building (optional) and a one-year guarantee.

The Interactive Portable Shooting Gallery is perfect for family occasions, festivals, state fairs, movies at the park, and any other kind of event. The animations of our Interactive Shooting Gallery include sound, light water, air, and motion, and they will surprise you! You can have whichever one theme you want.

The Interactive Shooting Gallery is perfect for family occasions, festivals, movies at the park, and any other kind of event.

Each player uses an infrared shotgun to try and shoot as many targets as possible in a given time frame. Each gun station has a digital display showing the players score. Who will get more points?

This Interactive Shooting Gallery & Trailer is extremely quick and simple to set up. From the first moment you step out of your truck to the last stage of setup, one person can have the game running and ready to make money in only 5 minutes! How fast is that?

Do you have any other idea for a trailer? Alien Invasion? Farmyard? We can make anything!

Take advantage of our new design,



Starting at a great price, only:


All galleries include:

  • Custom built set to your specifications
  • New trailer
  • Scoring
  • 1 year limited warranty on all parts and labor
  • Air compressor
  • Misc. spare parts


  • Expandable up to 10 guns or more, depends on the size of trailer
  • Dollar bill validator
  • Coin system
  • Ticket dispensing system
  • Card readers
  • Constant sound effect
  • Attraction Mode

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