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Calamity Town


Calamity Town

Our brand new and affordable unit!


Now you can choose a different theme for the same price, go between PIRATES, WESTERN or BLACK LIGHT.

Introducing CALAMITY TOWN, our brand new unit, incorporating the latest technology at an affordable price!


dimensions calamity

Standard size 3.65 m. front x 3.65 m depth x 3.4 m. tall ( 12′ x 12′ x 11′ ), with set, props, and counter, 25 animations, sliding side door for maintenance, compatible with all card/ticket systems, bill acceptors, and push buttons.

NEW LOW PRICE $29,500.00 USD

The price does not include: cash/ticket systems, compressor, shipping and handling, installation (professional installation is free – we only charge trip expenses)

Do you have or built your own set-up and/or counter?  We can supply only the set, animations, and electronics and pass the savings on to you.  Contact us.


25 animations, 4 gun stations, complete with power supplies and all-inclusive sound boards.  Add a money-making system to your store, FEC, park, or fair!

Looking for a great way to generate additional income for your restaurant, casino, fairground, or family entertainment center? Our shooting galleries are the most technologically advanced and reliable shooting galleries.  There are no computers or hard drives to break down or software to update.  There is no game attendant needed, thus reducing operating cost.  Our designs are time-tested and proven, with top quality components and electronics for years of continuous fun.

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