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We custom build what ever you need

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Animation Controller

  Easy to program, just record like you are acting the part yourself! Powered by 12vdc power supply.  Use as fogger control to get long and short blasts, make any animation move and create any sound for them.  Relay rated at 220 VAC 5 AMPS.. so with proper wiring can control any AC or DC prop.

Animation Catalog

 Visit our Animations Catalog

We custom build what ever you need

Picture & Video Gallery

Animation Controller

Follows what you record for up to 15 Minutes of programming time! Has a NO* and NC** contacts so can turn off the lights when prop activates! Delay before or delay after with perfect precision! Flip-flop lights for mirror changing illusions.  It can also come with a sound board (extra) and you can record up to 200+ different  MP3 sounds, create you’r own sounds, just place them on the card and it will play one file each time you hit a target.  


Animation Controllers

These controllers are used to manage the current necessary to power animation actuators (motor, piston, lights, etc.) that work on any voltage.  The controllers work on 12 volts DC.  The relays operate in open or closed mode.  You can power any animation on or off with the flick of a switch.   Our proprietary system is constructed to be absolutely versatile! This unit is powered by a 12v DC power supply and relay-rated at 220 vac 10 amp.  You can wire it to control any AC prop!

Has NO* and NC** contacts so you can turn off the light when the prop activates! Delay before and delay after with perfect precision. Flip-flop lights for mirror changing illusions.

This animation controller can work on its own, and can be triggered with various mechanisms, such as push button, pressure mat, infrared system, etc. An on/off cycle sequence must be programmed on the relay cards so they reproduce said cycles when required.  This sequence is recorded through a pressure button and there are three ways to reproduce it.  The first is by pressing the PLAY button on the top of the animation controller and the second is closing the circuit with 2 wires from the animation controller to the push button, infrared sensor, pressure mat, or any other mechanism you may use, and the third one (in case you have one of our shooting gallery systems) is to receive a command from the target when the infrared signal is detected at the bull’s-eye associated with the animation controller. Our SMART STAR system a system that has been shipped around the world and installed by maintenance staffs without formal training using only a flat screwdriver.

MP3 Sound Board & Stereo Amplifier

Our sound card come equipped with its own STEREO amplifier, with enough power to boost your gallery and make sound great, the cards can hold over 400 different sounds and up to 20 hrs of continuous play. These songs will reproduce one by one every time the target is hit, it just need a simple SD card with the MP3 files you want inserted in them, yes, you can record your own MP3 sounds, just place them on the card and you are ready to go. Our MP3 sound card can be activated two different ways, you can decide to which animation you want the sound to be, and a simple 2 wire connection is required from the target controller to the sound board, so each time the target is hit, it will reproduce a sound an then stop until the target is hit again. the other way is activated with a switch, pressure mat, sensor, etc. Oh, Did i mention it is STEREO? even most of the sounds in a game can be simple ones, you can play with your MP3 files and create amazing special effects by using both channels, for example, you can have a ricochet sound by putting one speaker on one side of the game for the shot hitting, and in another speaker in the other side with the bullet bouncing, or having a conversation between two characters, animales moving… you imagination is the limit!

Rifle Controller

This module controls the infrared area that is used to shoot bull’s-eyes (targets).  One rifle controller goes in each rifle station within the game.  This part also contains the displays that show the high score, score for the previous game, available credits, and shots left in the current game. The rifle controller also includes an audio card and can be connected to the ticket redemption system, adjustable to client needs.

Infrared Rifles

Each rifle “shoots” an infrared beam, the IR LED that sends light data, and inside contains an electromechanical solenoid to reproduce the recoil sensation, YES, you actually can feel each shot!

Our new model.


Yes, you actually feel each shot!

Bull’s-eye (Target)

The bull’s-eye is formed by RGB LEDs which light up in randomly in different colors. These LEDs form the shape of a bull’s-eye at the target in such a way that only one color at a time. The targets light up with 5 different colors (red, blue, green, orange and yellow), red, for example, is the one that stays on most of the time, and blue, is the one that stays on the least time, so when people hit a red, they get less points that if they hit the blue, green, yellow, orange, each color is a different score. This way families can have more fun playing together, that is because you dont have to be a marksman shooter.

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